Sunday, July 31, 2011

i like boxes: Plads Til Alle

WITRAZ arkitekter + landskab (København, Denmark, 2009)

In refurbishing a run-down corner of the city, with notorious drug-use issues in public view, the City Council of Copenhagen decided to open up a Safe Injection Site (SIS), a public facility where users can consume drugs with a degree of professional monitoring and in safe, hygienic conditions.

"The idea was to make the best of it so as to infuse the space with a hospitable feel that might awaken a sense of belonging in the community. In sum, the project took on the ambitious goal of establishing a framework of coexistence that could be used both by drug users and by the residents and visitors to the neighbourhood. With this in mind, the project was baptised “Plads til alle” (Space for All)."

Saturday, July 30, 2011

VAGABONDING: a life-changing traveler's book

A must-read for any avid travelers (or those wishing to do so, but haven't worked out the "how to's" of escaping their responsibilities yet).

Vagabonding by Rolf Potts

His blog is also worth a read, if you are so inclined:

Masterbate for Peace? (-I've done my part!)

I can't help posting this web page, very amusing. (In fact, I haven't decided yet whether this is a serious organization or not... but regardless of its creator's initial intentions, some of their loyal followers certainly seem to take it seriously...)

My favourite section are the bumper stickers; here are the top 10:

10. War is silly, whack your willy
9. War's no joke, stop and stroke!
8. War is heinous, thumb your anus
7. I'm going blind for mankind
6. War won’t work, circle jerk!
 5. Cream your khakis, not Iraqis
4. War is out, pound your trout
3. Touch your sack, not Iraq
2. My bush doesn't declare war
1. I cum in peace.

(-and don't overlook their sister project, BREASTS FOR PEACE):